Top 10 ways to be more energy efficient

Today the home energy improvements have become one of the most vital concerns in almost every household. The rising prices in the electricity bills have made people realize the importance of energy efficiency and its application in the daily life. People all across the globe are trying hard to improve the living space by curtailing down the high energy costs.

What are the simple ways of saving energy and making it more efficient?

Using LED lights

Use LED lights which will cut down the electricity consumption almost by 35% to 40%. This will definitely have an effect on the bill.

Installing solar energy panels

Employ the solar energy for water or pool heater. Installing the solar energy panels are a bit expensive and costly, but it will benefit you in the long run.

In case, you have been a victim of mis sold solar panels, you must get in touch with the right source. There are several providers who proclaim we’re mis sold solar leading claims company, but are actually of no use.

The right home insulation

Make sure that you have a good window and insulation because they can be of great help both in the summer and winter seasons and thereby reducing the consumption of electricity.

Regular maintenance of AC ducts and vents

You have to check the ducts and vents and also maintain it on a regular basis for the highest quality of services.

Save non-renewable energy as much as possible

Switch off the electric appliances when not in use and remove them from the plug points.

Ditch the old appliances that are not energy efficient

Get rid of the inefficient and old appliances. You must go with only those units that have the 5 star rating for energy consumption.

Stay away from overusing electricity

Despite using solar energy in your home, it is recommended that you must not overuse the electrical appliances. For instance, don’t over use air conditioner unless and until you seriously need to.

The electrical appliance you buy needs to be energy star rated

In case, you are shopping new electronic appliances or gadgets for your home, you must invest in the energy star certified products. Go for only those electronic items that are energy efficient.

Demand for energy efficiency audit

If you want to be sure about the energy efficiency of your home, you can ask for professional energy efficient auditors. They have special skills and tools to evaluate the energy efficiency situation and thereby act accordingly.

Installing an adjustable thermostat

If you are eager to cut down the energy usage in your home, you have to install adjustable thermostat.

These are some of the easy ways of home energy efficiency improvements that can be executed in every household. This will definitely help you to save a hefty amount of money. Doesn’t this sound great, huh? If you are paying high electricity bills, it is perhaps because you are not using it efficiently. It is the time when you should take these issues seriously and realize the importance of natural resources. One simple step can change your life forever. Basically, you are not only helping yourself, but doing well for the ecology too. Try out all these steps and see the difference it brings.

Tips for Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

In order to find a good real estate agent, you need to do some ground work, because that is the only way for you to be sure that the one you’ve found is truly the best. So, keep in mind that the great ones are out there, they just need to be found. Or such alternative as Global Guardians Living Guardianship, unique way to live that doesn’t require purchasing or renting! And how can one find them? Well, it’s really easy; all you have to do is follow these tips. So, if you’ve ever wondered about how to find a good real estate agent at Harlands in East London, here are all the answers in a form of these simple tips.

1 – See if they’re licensed

Every good real estate agent needs to be licensed in order to perform their duties legally. The ones that aren’t licensed are the ones that could scam you at any time, because you just don’t have any insurance with them. With the licensed real estate agents, there is a trail of paperwork that makes sure that you are completely safe and secure from any kind of a frauds or scam, while you just don’t have that with the unlicensed ones.

2 – Talk with their previous clients

You need to make sure that you’ve got an agent that knows what they’re doing and that does it all legally, safely and by the book. In order to see if that is so, you ought to reach out to some of the agent’s previous clients and ask them about the agent. This will give you an insight into how the agent operates and if they’re good or not.

3 – Make sure they have the right credentials

Picking a real estate agent with the right credentials means picking a real estate agent that performs duties with the utmost respect for the client, for the law, and for the buyer as well. So, basically, the guy with the right credentials is a winner, or else… well, he wouldn’t really have all of those credentials, right?

4 – See how long they’ve been in the business

Usually, a real estate agent that has been in the business a long time knows a lot more tricks of the trade than the real estate agents that have been in the game a relatively short amount of time. Experience means a lot in this line of work, so make sure you pick a real estate agent that has plenty of it. Of course, this does not mean that you should completely avoid the rookies (how else are they going to get some experience?), the best location for a estate agent to work has got to be London, there are many different opportunities for estate agents. For example serviced offices from loc 8 in liverpool street and wonderful houses in chelsea. But just make sure you get someone that knows what they’re going, and usually, experience is a good indicator that it is so.

5 – Ask about real estate for sale nearby

This will tell you a lot about the real estate agent. A good real estate agent needs to know everything that’s going on in their neighbourhood, at least when it comes to the real estate. If they don’t know what’s going on there, how are they supposed to know what’s going on in other side of town? So, just slip this question in the conversation, and listen carefully to the agent’s answer.

If your looking to increase the value of your home please see this infographic from Harlands for some great ways.

Which Type of Industrial Door suits you Best?

Since there is an increasing demand of industrial doors in the market, more and more companies ventured into designing and building these type of doors which will provide access control and protection for your business needs. So, if you are thinking about purchasing an industrial door for your home or commercial building upgrade, you have to assess your specific requirements. Before choosing one, you need to learn the different types of doors you need. This article, with help from Prestige Doors, aims to help you in figuring out which type of industrial door fits your needs.

Here are the several types of the convenient and functional industrial door systems that exist in the market:

  • Steel Security Doors

The main material which is used to make this door is steel. This type of industrial door works the same as the traditional ones it’s just that it is made of steel. Steel is very hard and durable. If you place this door in the most prominent entrance doors, this can withstand forced break ins to different industrial premises. This can be installed as access doors and fire exit doors of any business or commercial building types. There are hundreds of steel security door products which are made available in the market. They vary in colors and designs. Whatever style you choose, remember that you can always have the optimum protection you desire for your establishment. Furthermore, this steel security door is ideal for offices, hotels, factories, sport centers, industrial units and many more.

  • Fire Shutters

This door is very essential in all commercial buildings. This help ensure the safety of the building, the goods and properties inside and the employees during a fire threat. This is made in order to slow down the spread of fire. Statistics shows that there is about 40% significant business loss and damage due to fire cases. Hence, there are thousands of business owners who think about getting fire shutter to strengthen the overall protection of the building. This industrial door is ideally installed in warehouses, schools, hospitals, factories, offices and commercial kitchens. You may contact a service provider for different designs and specifications of your fire door. These doors have different fire resistance rates which is why you need to discuss it over with some experts.

  • Security Shutters

If you are planning to upgrade your establishment with a door which is safe and secure, then these security shutters is the best solution! This is not just usable for doors but also for windows as well. This is ideal for external security during daylight. Moreover, a security shutter is also great for internal security for shops, bars, clubs and for building frame windows and doors. You will not worry if the door matches well with the establishment because you can use various design and styles of your choice which will compliment and blend to your building design.

As mentioned, there are so many industrial Doors from various companies and brand names which are custom built to meet diverse customers’ needs. Before purchasing, you need to know what is ideal for your commercial applications starting. The products which are offered range from small commercial shutters for industrial units to full sized Industrial Doors for large factory or warehouse premises.


dreamstime_m_27991617There is no place like home. Yes, it is true. Come to think of an elderly living in a certain home. How can you make his or her home a conducive place to live in? It is undeniable that people want the best for our loved ones, especially the elderly. Whether they are living independently or would be moving in your home, it is always best to ensure their safety and comfort. In situations like this, home adaptations are sure fire means to achieve a favorable home for an elderly.

The first things first. You have to plan for the best home adaptation ideas. What are the common areas that need modifications? Here are the most common area for home adaptations you can create:

  1. Doorways and passageways

As we know, elderly people are already slow-moving, especially if they are disabled. Narrow passages and doorways would not be desirable for them. You can aid their state of mobility, by widening doorways and passages in your home. The ideal passage way at home is at least 3.5 feet wide.

  1. Bathroom

It is very important to remodel the bathroom for easy access. Bathrooms must always be situated at the ground floor level. Moreover, you have to make sure that the bathroom is free from barriers so that wheelchairs can conveniently move in and out. Installing toilet suites with handles, raised toiled, reachable sink would definitely make their bathroom experience a favorable one. A walk in shower with a shower seat is also a suitable idea suitable for a senior citizen and person with disability. Non-slip tiles, safety mats and grab bars should also be included as safety should constantly be ensured.

  1. Stairs

As much as possible, elder’s home must be free from stairs as it is dangerous. Elders also have limited mobility and energy thus, it would be stressful to go up and down the steps. It is best to get rid of stairs to prevent them from falling but if not possible, handrails must be placed on both sides. If you can afford, an elevator would be a solution to avoid the stress of any untoward accident.

  1. Bedroom

A bedroom scheme is one of the home adaptations the elderly which should never be overlooked. For the bedroom, especially designed adjustable beds can be purchased in the market. These beds can easily be adjusted according to the user’s wish. Assistive devices like bedrails and lifts are also needed. As always, light switch must also be located at the doorway and must be accessible for elders because of their impaired vision. Not only the lights but also the closet must be accessible and not too high. In addition to that, you must do away with door threshold and electrical cords in order to avoid tripping. Lastly, a senior’s bedroom must have a smoke alarm for fire safety purposes.


  1. Proper lighting


A home’s best aspect is its well-lighted feature. A home with poor lighting is indeed a lousy and dangerous house. For security, the home should be sufficiently lighted especially if the elder lives independently. Proper lighting is needed for outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and all other areas of the home.



Home adaptations for the elderly in general is not complicated. You just need simple ideas made extra special out of love.


How To Make Your Electric Meter Last Longer

During installation, power companies usually offer free installation and electric meters to their consumers. However, unless the electric meter becomes obsolete, power companies will usually charge consumers for electric meter replacement or upgrade. If a consumer needs a replacement frequently, it will cost the consumer a significant part of the income. It will also be a hassle for working consumers to take a day off just to receive the technician who will be replacing the electric meter. For businessmen, their shops might need to close for a couple of hours due to power interruption which means losing precious income. It is very important for the electric meter to last longer. Here are several tips from Smart Process on how to make your electric meter last longer.

  1. Keep it clean – Cleaning the electric meter regularly can keep the dust and dirt from accumulating on the surface of the electric meter. This can prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the interior of the electric meter even during the rain. The exterior case will also last longer.
  2. Do not tamper with the meter – Tampering with the electric meter is the worst thing you can do to an electric meter. It will expose the interior parts into the outside elements which can deteriorate the parts. If the parts cannot be put back into the right place, the meter will mostly get ruined. However, even if the meter is put back correctly, the power companies could make the power consumer pay a lot of fines for such action.
  3. Avoid spilling liquid into the meter – Liquid is a good conductor of electricity. If a liquid is spilled into the electric meter and shorted the circuit, most likely the electric meter will get damaged and could even cause fire in the property.
  4. Install the meter out of reach from kids – Kids will always love to play. They will play anything they can get their hands on. It is important that the electric meter cannot be accessed by the kids through chairs or stairs to avoid any accidents which do not only destroy the electric meter but can be fatal the kids.
  5. Install an external meter casing – It might not be enough for an electric meter to rely on its exterior cover. It is recommended to put the electric meter inside another casing which can provide additional protection from external factors like force, rain, dust or rust.

If you want to know more on how to make your electric meter last longer, you can consult an electric technician or your power company.