Top 10 ways to be more energy efficient

Today the home energy improvements have become one of the most vital concerns in almost every household. The rising prices in the electricity bills have made people realize the importance of energy efficiency and its application in the daily life. People all across the globe are trying hard to improve the living space by curtailing down the high energy costs.

What are the simple ways of saving energy and making it more efficient?

Using LED lights

Use LED lights which will cut down the electricity consumption almost by 35% to 40%. This will definitely have an effect on the bill.

Installing solar energy panels

Employ the solar energy for water or pool heater. Installing the solar energy panels are a bit expensive and costly, but it will benefit you in the long run.

In case, you have been a victim of mis sold solar panels, you must get in touch with the right source. There are several providers who proclaim we’re mis sold solar leading claims company, but are actually of no use.

The right home insulation

Make sure that you have a good window and insulation because they can be of great help both in the summer and winter seasons and thereby reducing the consumption of electricity.

Regular maintenance of AC ducts and vents

You have to check the ducts and vents and also maintain it on a regular basis for the highest quality of services.

Save non-renewable energy as much as possible

Switch off the electric appliances when not in use and remove them from the plug points.

Ditch the old appliances that are not energy efficient

Get rid of the inefficient and old appliances. You must go with only those units that have the 5 star rating for energy consumption.

Stay away from overusing electricity

Despite using solar energy in your home, it is recommended that you must not overuse the electrical appliances. For instance, don’t over use air conditioner unless and until you seriously need to.

The electrical appliance you buy needs to be energy star rated

In case, you are shopping new electronic appliances or gadgets for your home, you must invest in the energy star certified products. Go for only those electronic items that are energy efficient.

Demand for energy efficiency audit

If you want to be sure about the energy efficiency of your home, you can ask for professional energy efficient auditors. They have special skills and tools to evaluate the energy efficiency situation and thereby act accordingly.

Installing an adjustable thermostat

If you are eager to cut down the energy usage in your home, you have to install adjustable thermostat.

These are some of the easy ways of home energy efficiency improvements that can be executed in every household. This will definitely help you to save a hefty amount of money. Doesn’t this sound great, huh? If you are paying high electricity bills, it is perhaps because you are not using it efficiently. It is the time when you should take these issues seriously and realize the importance of natural resources. One simple step can change your life forever. Basically, you are not only helping yourself, but doing well for the ecology too. Try out all these steps and see the difference it brings.

Important Facts To Know About Double glazing Window System In Your Home and What they Do

timthumbNowadays, you may have noticed that double glazing has become a new standard of the newly built houses today. This trend is very well adapted in most countries around the world. What is this by the way? By definition, Double glazing in Essex from South East Secondary Glazing is the process of building an insulated layer of air or special gases between two panes of glass. This means to say it traps the heat inside the gaps. The space between the glasses is usually measured between 0.63 and 0.75 inches (16 and 19 mm) wide. Between this gaps, we can find special gases like argon, krypton and xenon or a vaccum to keep the sheets together. Now, if you ask whether these gaps could have moistures, then the answer is no.

In addition to this, this kind of window system uses a drying agent inside to prevent the moisture from building up inside. If it happens that there is a moisture forming in between the layered panes, then, there might be some leak somewhere. Moreover, Double glazed windows are specially created in order to hold heat. In fact if you compare it to the single glazed window, it has higher percentage of letting the light in.

Why choose a double glazed window system?

  1. Its main benefit is, it effectively holds the heat through the windows. Meaning to say, this can maintain the warmth of the room in a certain area.
  2. It provides thermal convenience of your home.
  3. It is also good in reducing the external noise in the area.
  4. During a cold weather, this kind of window system is definitely recommended in eliminating the condensation build up.
  5. This double glazed window system could reduce energy bills. Of course, we all know that heating systems cost too high especially when it is winter time. So, if you need an efficient solution to reduce the electricity bills at home, then this kind of window system is the best option. This is an energy saver window because it has good thermal insulation. This keeps the heat inside your home. According to statistics, 10-12% is the estimated cut down cost of your heating costs if you install this in your home.
  6. This is an eco-friendly window system. Why? Because it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in our homes.

Now, if you are considering to have a double glazed window system installed in your homes, then you should know what type of frame you need that will surely suit your home. Now, you should note that the frame materials vary. Check the basic types:

  1. Wooden frames. This frame is typically used and found in conservation areas.
  2. uPVC frames. This is the well-known type of frame in the market because it is durable and could stand the test of time. upVC frames could be recycled.
  3. Steel frames or aluminum. They are the variety of frames which are slim. Like uPCV frames, they are ling-lasting and could be recycled.
  4. Composite Frames. This is the combination of the wood and steel frames. It has little maintenance and is the most weather-proof among the other types.