The process of home removals could burn you out physically, mentally or even emotionally. In addition to that stress, take note also that choosing the right local removal company to help you in the home removal process can also be exasperating because there are so many companies nowadays who claim good service but do not really offer a good one to their clienteles. Plus, there are also some companies who have slow service and pricey deals. Moving from home to home could never be simpler if you do it alone. You need these professionals to assist you or do the job completely for you—from packing, transport and unpacking services.

Here are the basic guide in dealing with the company:

At the existing property….

  1. You need to ask the company to come with you to your present home so that they could have a quick look of the overall things they have to deal with.
  2. Do not forget to give your contact number to the removers and vice versa.
  3. Although GPS is already common, then you really have to double check if they know the direction to where they are heading to avoid delay in the transport. In the absence of the GPS, make use of the common landmarks found in the area to avoid getting lost along the way.
  4. If the moving process could not be carried out in the day, then you should inform the movers what needs to go first and what to leave behind.
  5. If you give instructions to the movers, do it before they start carrying the stuff to their vehicle. Giving them instructions from time to time could waste your time.
  6. Mark the boxes which needs to be handled with extra care with fragile packaging tape so that the movers will also be aware of the things they have to handle well.
  7. When they declare that everything has been loaded, double check the area of the house-basement, garden etc.
  8. If everything has been cleared to the existing property, then close the windows and make sure every doors are locked and all other utilities are turned off.

At the new property…

  1. Again, give the moving crew a quick tour so that they will know exactly the house layout for easy dropping of items in the different parts of the house. This could save you time and effort.
  2. Make a sign paper/board or masking tape to label the rooms or the floor so that they will know which box or furniture belongs to where.
  3. When everything is unloaded, double check if there are no more items left in the van.
  4. Unpack the most important things first, like your portable AC unit for example, and the least important things can still wait for another day.
  5. Prepare for a coffee and a good rest.

If you just follow these helpful tips then you could get the process organised. You will see that the reminders will lead you to a stress free and easy moving experience.