Since there is an increasing demand of industrial doors in the market, more and more companies ventured into designing and building these type of doors which will provide access control and protection for your business needs. So, if you are thinking about purchasing an industrial door for your home or commercial building upgrade, you have to assess your specific requirements. Before choosing one, you need to learn the different types of doors you need. This article, with help from Prestige Doors, aims to help you in figuring out which type of industrial door fits your needs.

Here are the several types of the convenient and functional industrial door systems that exist in the market:

  • Steel Security Doors

The main material which is used to make this door is steel. This type of industrial door works the same as the traditional ones it’s just that it is made of steel. Steel is very hard and durable. If you place this door in the most prominent entrance doors, this can withstand forced break ins to different industrial premises. This can be installed as access doors and fire exit doors of any business or commercial building types. There are hundreds of steel security door products which are made available in the market. They vary in colors and designs. Whatever style you choose, remember that you can always have the optimum protection you desire for your establishment. Furthermore, this steel security door is ideal for offices, hotels, factories, sport centers, industrial units and many more.

  • Fire Shutters

This door is very essential in all commercial buildings. This help ensure the safety of the building, the goods and properties inside and the employees during a fire threat. This is made in order to slow down the spread of fire. Statistics shows that there is about 40% significant business loss and damage due to fire cases. Hence, there are thousands of business owners who think about getting fire shutter to strengthen the overall protection of the building. This industrial door is ideally installed in warehouses, schools, hospitals, factories, offices and commercial kitchens. You may contact a service provider for different designs and specifications of your fire door. These doors have different fire resistance rates which is why you need to discuss it over with some experts.

  • Security Shutters

If you are planning to upgrade your establishment with a door which is safe and secure, then these security shutters is the best solution! This is not just usable for doors but also for windows as well. This is ideal for external security during daylight. Moreover, a security shutter is also great for internal security for shops, bars, clubs and for building frame windows and doors. You will not worry if the door matches well with the establishment because you can use various design and styles of your choice which will compliment and blend to your building design.

As mentioned, there are so many industrial Doors from various companies and brand names which are custom built to meet diverse customers’ needs. Before purchasing, you need to know what is ideal for your commercial applications starting. The products which are offered range from small commercial shutters for industrial units to full sized Industrial Doors for large factory or warehouse premises.